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LEVEL Mk. II Pants


  • 2 forms inside 1 pants. LEVEL Mk. II is an enhancement of the LEVEL Crop Pants, with a more clean and refined look.

    While we never know the condition that may happen in our way, an ability to change is very vital to adapt with the surroundings. LEVEL Mk. II Pants sports a pair of articulation point on each leg, with added crotch length, giving more mobility for the user. The 4-way stretch fabric further enhance the comfort.

    The cargo pocket use the same leveled pocket as our another signature model (i.e. SPETZ Zip, SPETZ Cord) but with a twist on the flap system. Instead of using the flap opening, the flap is stitched on each side, making it stays on its place. The 4-way stretch fabric enables the flap and the pocket stretch wider without opening the flap to insert the items inside. The zip pockets open vertically and the storage room placed under the flap pocket. Two back pockets are hidden under the flap which transverse through a portion of the back panel. Using sleeve opening, even though the pockets are hidden, the accessibility is not hindered by the presence of the flap.

    The cropped silhouette from LEVEL Crop Pants stays in the pants as one of the two mode that can be achieved by simply opening the zipper on the bottom part, detaching the lower portion of the pants and changing the silhouette, from a long pants with tapered fit into a cropped leg pants.

    Designed and Manufactured in SMALL BATCH at ORBITGear in-house studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Senna is 170cm/58kg and wearing size M.

      • Enhanced Articulation Panel
      • Double-Stretch Cotton Blend Fabric
      • 8 Pockets
      • 2 Flap Pockets
      • 2 Zip Pockets
      • 2 Concealed Back Pockets
      • Adjustable Waistcord
      • Detachable Bottom Hem
      • Tapered Fit
      • Double Layer Gusseted Crotch
      • fit True to Your Size
      • Double-Stretch Cotton Blend Fabric
      • YKK Snap Button
      • YKK Vislon Zipper Set
      • Semi-Auto Lock Sliders
      • Industrial Grade Webbing
      • Edge Binding Tape

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