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  • Simple doesn't mean less. And easy doesn't mean worthless.

    LOCKE Belt consists of 2 layers of durable industrial-grade webbing, stitched together to form a belt that's tough, versatile and easy to use. Not like any traditional belt that uses buckle for fastening, LOCKE Belt's locking mechanism uses 2 strong polyacetal D-ring, simply slide the belt end into the D-ring and loop it around to lock the belt in place. The stress points are bartacked to ensure the belt can withstand the pressure puts on it. LOCKE Belt also features an attached D-ring slot to help you hang your items so you don't need to hang it on your belt loop, which may loosen the stitching on your belt loop in the long run.

    Designed and Manufactured in SMALL BATCH at ORBITGear in-house studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Double D-ring Fastener
    • Keyloop Slot
    • Double Webbing Layer
    • Industrial Grade Webbing
    • Durable Polyacetal Hardware
    • 3L Fabric
  • Length: 140 cm

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